How to style your Easter Table for breakfast

How to style your Easter Table for breakfast.

How to style your Easter Table for breakfast

Easter is another favourite time of year for me, all about celebrating time together as a family around the table. I love a traditional Easter table and try not to get too caught up in the over commercialisation of this special time. It’s all about gatherings around the table together, sharing food and re-creating family traditions for our children.

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Good Friday

As a family growing up, Good Friday breakfast meant warm hot cross buns from the bakery in the village served in a basket on the table. I’d walk down the road with my dad and sister to buy them and then head home for the first of many meals around the table. The smell of them still brings back those special memories for me now.

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We could never eat all the hot cross buns, so there were always plenty left for breakfast during the rest of the weekend. Shop our seagrass basket perfect for serving hot cross buns.

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Easter Sunday

An Easter Sunday breakfast was always a very important family time. My mum made a special effort to set the table the night before with a linen tablecloth, napkins and plenty of Easter treats and surprises for us.

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I remember one year coming downstairs for breakfast with my sister to see what looked like boiled eggs in egg cups on our plates. Trying to hide my disappointment at the lack of chocolate eggs on the table, I tucked into my boiled egg. As I cracked open the shell, the inside was solid chocolate! Heaven for a little girl. The night before my mum had lovingly and painstakingly blown the raw egg out of tiny holes and poured chocolate into them. As they cooled and set overnight, they made a lovely surprise Easter treat at breakfast!

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With our children now, breakfast on Easter Sunday is never complete without chocolate.

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Spring blooms in a simple vase add colour and life to the Easter table.

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For a personal touch on the, roll linen napkins and tie them with twine. Hide chocolate eggs inside and pop a couple of spring flowers into the rolled napkin as well. They look so pretty on the table.

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Decorating eggs at home was always a family tradition and we tried many different varieties of pattern and design over the years. Nowadays, I prefer something more simple and stylish. I love the idea of a bowl full of boiled eggs for breakfast all painted in beautiful colours. Boil them the night before, leave them to cool and paint them. Pile them up in a white shallow pressed bamboo bowl.

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And don’t forget to give the children a bowl for their Easter egg hunt!

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Have a happy Easter,

Anna x