International Polar Bear Day – 27th February

International Polar Bear Day – 27th February.

Every year on 27th February, it is International Polar Bear Day. The day is celebrated to raise awareness of the conservation status of the Polar Bear and the impact of climate change on this special bear. The day was created by Polar Bears International, the worlds leading polar bear conservation organization as an opportunity to raise money but also educate people about polar bears.


Polar bears can reach a height of 9 ft tall and a weight of 1400 pounds. They have large front paws, which are slightly webbed, that are used to paddle as they swim. As they are powerful swimmers, some polar bears have been seen swimming hundreds of miles from land. However, some of the distance may have been covered by floating on sheets of ice.

The polar bears have a warming layer of fat which is covered by their thick coat of insulating fur which helps them live in the colder environments.


At Also Home we have developed a love of these magnificent bears since we launched our kids polar bear range in 2015. Everyone loves our polar bear. So in support of Polar Bears International, we will be donating 20% of all sales from our polar bear and penguin range during the month of March. Spread the word and help protect these wonderful bears from the effects of climate change.

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I had the great privilege of seeing them in Canada last summer and was amazed at their grace and strength. They are formidable creatures that’s for sure and should be protected and their habitat saved. It feels like a huge task given the global effect of climate change, but we can all do something and it starts here.

Anna x