Our Top 5 Uses for a Tray in your home

Our Top 5 Uses for a Tray in your home.

Our Top 5 Uses for a Tray.


Traditionally you might use a tray to carry your breakfast back to the comfort of your bed on a drizzly morning, or to eat dinner from whilst snuggled in front of your favourite film. But trays, whether wooden or basket, don’t have to be used for food.


Keep your Cosmetics in Order

Displaying perfume bottles, organising jewellery or storing brushes, square lacquer tray makes a great addition to your bedroom. With a selection of sizes, you can sit them together or spread them across your dressing table whilst keeping everything neat and tidy.

White Square Lacquer tray

Store your Blankets

I use my seagrass tray as a stylish storage solution for blankets and extra cushions that can be kept neatly tucked in the corner of my living room or placed outside in the garden on a summer’s evening to fight off any chills.

Whitewashed Seagrass Large Tray

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I love to grow herbs in the kitchen. On my windowsill I’ve stored a herb tray with Mint, Parsley and Coriander – I especially love being able to make fresh mint tea whenever I fancy and the aroma of the coriander and the parsley helps to clear away cooking odours. I use a second herb tray for my tea, coffee and sugar canisters too.

Whitewashed Wooden Herb Tray

For the Kids

We’ve tried and tested this routine and it’s become a bit of a tradition in my household. To get the kids to bed in time, we have a ‘special’ trug tray that gets prepared before bedtime. It consists of fresh PJs, toothbrush, hairbrush, a storybook and a warm cookie (only at weekends!). Every night the kids rally round to help get everything ready with me, making the bedtime routine something to look forward to!

Whitewashed Wooden Trug Tray

Something for the Grown-Ups

In the dining room, I’ve used a black woven bamboo tray to create a table top bar. A bottle of bubbly, a few nibbles with a couple of tall glasses and I’m fully prepped for an evening treat when the kids are tucked up in bed.

Black Bamboo Tray

Anna x