The story behind our hand painted ceramics from Vietnam

The story behind our hand painted ceramics from Vietnam.

Hand Painted Ceramics

We love telling stories about how our products are made here at ALSO Home. One of our favourite stories is about our best selling hand painted blue and white ceramics.

Each bowl or mug is hand painted in Vietnam and every piece is completely unique. The designs of these mix and match bowls and mugs were created by us in the UK and include spot, wide stripe, herringbone and fine stripe. Our very talented artisans in Vietnam make every piece by hand. When I tell people that our ceramics are hand painted, it’s hard for people to fully appreciate the hand crafted nature of these items. Every bowl or mug is painted by hand and by eye.

Last October we spent some time with our artisans and filmed them at work. Here is the short film we created to help tell this story. We hope you enjoy it.

Hand Painted Ceramics Blue hand painted bowl Kitchen and Dining

Our customers love these bowls and mugs and how well they mix and match. The large bowls are perfect for soup or pasta and the small bowls are ideal for nibbles or your breakfast cereal. We love a large mug of tea or coffee here at ALSO Home and our mugs are the perfect size.

We hope you love the story behind our ceramics.

Anna x