Best Decoration Trends from Autumn

Best Decoration Trends from Autumn

With autumn right around the corner, thoughts of pumpkins, falling leaves and cooler temperatures can certainly provide tons of inspiration for homeowners who are looking for ways to update their interiors to match this time of year. The great news is that this season is taking these traditional ideas a step further by incorporating beautiful colours, textures, and terrific materials for a look that is uniquely representative of 2017. For those who are searching for some of the best home décor ideas for this upcoming season, here are some of the trendiest décor ideas to help you celebrate the arrival of autumn.

Rich Colors

Kickstart this season with warm, rich colours that will bring a touch of warmth and coziness into your home. Rich hues that embody autumn such as deep burgundy, mustard, warm grey, subdued golden, navy, mauve, and deep raspberry are all excellent choices to make your home even more inviting this autumn. These fresh colours will make a dramatic statement throughout the entire home.


Earthy Inspiration

Create an even more welcoming indoors atmosphere with earth-inspired, stylish home décor. Opt for trendy eucalyptus accents, natural materials like dark woods, and whitewashed decorations for a heartfelt, autumn-inspired look that adds depth and character to the home for the best autumn interior design looks.


Contrasting Materials

This autumn does not fall short on luxury either. Choose a luxurious combination of contrasting materials to include chunky knitted throws and accent pillows, unexpected furs and mohair, suede, wools, leather accents, bold velvets, and even faux-look materials for the budget-friendly homeowner. The key here is to delight the senses with textiles and items that are a true representation of the warmth of the season. 


Lush Autumn Florals & Greenery

Bring new life into the home by decorating with floral blooms in the colour of autumn. For a striking touch of autumn choose traditional colours in red, yellow, or orange but also consider lush sage greenery and earthy branches that will truly give your floral arrangements an amazing complement. Place floral arrangements throughout the home—as kitchen centrepieces, as accents on coffee tables in sitting rooms, or in the home office for a friendly reminder of the season.

Amazing Metals

Further transform your home this fall by incorporating brass, bronze, copper, and gold accents throughout. These beautiful metals bring a touch of glam into any home. From hardware, to light fixtures, to accent table legs, pulls, and other statement pieces, the inclusion of warm metals is a must for trendsetting 2017 décor.

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No matter if you are drinking warm hot chocolate, snuggling in front of a freshly lit fire with family, or if you are taking a walk in the woods, the autumn season will be soon upon us all. If you are searching for ways to bring hints of this season indoors, consider updating your home décor to include some of the latest trends for this season. Awe-inspiring ideas ranging from warm, rich colours to luxurious materials, to warm metals are all trending this Autumn 2017 season. With décor this astonishing, there is no wonder why autumn remains a favourite among so many. 

Words by Uma Campbell