How To Use Dark Shades In Your Interiors

How To Use Dark Shades In Your Interiors.

Turn to the dark side………

Super chic and totally modern, dark and moody shades of black and slate grey are the tones of the moment. Interiors may have played favourites with light colours in the past few years but this trend is all about ditching the pale palette in favour of something richer, warmer and altogether more dramatic.

As residents of the northern hemisphere, we’ve been conditioned to welcome as much sunlight as possible into our homes and that includes the use of pale colours to illuminate a room. So often it’s hard to put that to one side and consider a dark colour scheme, let alone the darkest one of all: bold, moody, opulent black – thats where clever furnishing tricks come into play.




Scouring through pinterest, it’s clear that colours like Farrow & Ball‘s Studio Green, Railings or Downpipe are being used more and more to create optimum drama in rooms of little light, but it doesn’t mean you can not achieve the same look without re-painting your home! Dark furnishings positively sing when they are set against a light backdrop, a clever trick interiors stylists have been pulling for years to make furniture and accessories look amazing.



If you are a bit intimidated by vast elements of black, pair it back. Add black into your already elegant serveware collection to create depth and intrigue. Black layered with slate grey, silver grey, ivory and natural textures work brilliantly pulling together a well thought-out range to be proud of that doesn’t look at all boring!
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Having dark hues in your home doesn’t mean you can’t still play with primary colours. Blush pink and black is one of our favourite pairings, toughening up the pretty pastel with some dark dramatic edge.

lisbon blush and dark black bed

Are you converted to the dark side? How will you be playing with it in your home?