Interiors Q&A With Blogger Nest Twenty Eight

Interiors Q&A With Blogger Nest Twenty Eight

Interiors Q&A With Blogger Lucinda from Nest Twenty Eight

Last month we hosted a lovely lunch for four fabulous Bloggers and Stylists. Each of these ladies has their own Instafame and we loved meeting them. Our first Interiors Q&A is with Lucinda from @nest_twenty_eight

Lucinda left London with her husband and her job as a teacher to become a Mum. Since then she has been having a ball doing up their first home. With limited disposable income, she has done 99% of the painting and decorating herself and have loved the process so far. Keeping costs low without compromising on style is key for her. Sit back and enjoy a read of our Q&A with her.

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What inspired you to start Nest Twenty Eight?

I started my Instagram page @nest_twenty_eight not long after we moved to East Sussex from London and I became pregnant with our daughter, Sienna. I’ve always had a passion for interiors, and I wanted to document the changes I was making to our home, as it was my first opportunity to unleash myself on a whole property!! I also wanted to use my skills as an English teacher to write about the process so that I could share it with family and friends, and now my followers too!

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What’s your favourite social media platform and why?

My favourite social media platform is definitely Instagram! The interiors community are so friendly, encouraging and supportive, even if your home is not to their taste. It’s also a great source of inspiration. I love Pinterest too, but I find that sometimes some of the ideas are quite out of reach; Instagram is full of real people with real homes and they’re always happy to share how they’ve achieved their decorating goals. 

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What’s your top tip to home-makers?

My top tip to homemakers is to always take your time and get a feel for your space and the direction you want it to take. It’s also really important to not follow trends blindly, especially if you’re on a budget, as you will be spending hundreds to keep up, and they can change quickly. Of course, if you like what’s in, then go for it! Another tip that I can’t stress enough, is to be happy with your space and how far you’ve come in making your house a home. Try not to not compare yourself to others, otherwise you’ll never enjoy any of your hard work. Oh, and up cycle wherever you can!

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Which is your favourite time of the year for home style?

 I never thought I’d say this, before starting my Instagram journey, but decorating my home has made me love winter!! The dark walls in my living room create a cosy atmosphere, along with added texture, through the use of sheepskins, cushions and throws. Of course fairy lights can (and should!) be used all year round, but there’s something very magical about them at that time of year. 

What’s your favourite Also Home Product? 

It has to be the gorgeous range of ceramics Kuro. I love the matt black finish on them and their simple elegant style. I added a pop of colour to them in my home and they looked stunning. They are a dining table favourite of ours.

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