Introducing our newest summer shade – Mineral

A mineral moment – celebrating this Summer’s must have hue.

Mineral – the colour you never knew you needed until now. With the launch of our newest shade (available in both Misi and Unari velvet cushions) we wanted to give a bit of background on the new choice and why it’s so important to the collection.


Mineral colours are found in nature and are a calming colour for your interiors. This pale blue shade is inspired by the ocean and sky which are perceived as constants in our lives so it implements a fresh serene interior.


When looking to the meaning behind colours, shades of blue are seen as the colour of the mind and essentially seen as a soothing shade. This mineral shade affects us mentally rather than physically and can calm the mind.

For our first ever mid-season range, we wanted colours and textures that were tranquil but not dull. The cushion collection works beautifully together, with different colours, textures and sizes all playing a part.


The new hue is a ‘joining colour’ and is surprisingly versatile. It can be styled with dark shades to lift them, or add depth to a pale palette.

Tips for styling our new mineral blue:

  • This colour can be used in practically every room in your home. Think about where you want to feel calm and start there.
  • If you live in a very white space, this shade can be used as a subtle colour pop
  • Styled with our slate bed linen, this mineral shade is perfect for the bedroom and can help promote peace and restful sleep