Meet the Team Tuesday | Asia

Meet the Team Tuesday | Asia

Meet The Team.
Asia | Office Dog

So as part of the fun of our recent team photo shoot, we had to include Asia. She really is an integral part of Also Home. She comes into Also Home HQ most days and is often seen wagging her tail, finding a spot to sunbathe, acting as a guard dog with her loud yet welcoming bark and greeting everyone who comes to our door. She has been know to sofa surf her way through meetings and been seen skidding along the laminate floors on her 3 legs – yes! She is 3 legged.

So, meet beautiful Asia.

Asia | Office Dog | Also Home
Faithful, loyal and loving.

She belongs to Anna, Owner of Also Home and she was a huge consideration when finding our recent offices. It had to be somewhere that she could be part of.

Office Dog | Meet the Team | Also Home
Full of character, lover of tennis balls and stones.

Asia is quite unique with her three legs, but that hasn’t stopped her. She is known to sneak her way around the office, nudging everyone as they work until someone gives her a cuddle!

Asia | Meet the Team | Also Home
Asia is always more than willing to jump up on a sofa or cosy chair.

She has the nose of a blood hound and will sniff out tennis balls far and wide!

Asia | Meet the Team | Also Home
Asia ‘do you want a walk?’

She has this amazing move she does with her head the moment you say ‘walk.’ Thankfully with the amazing countryside right next to our HQ, walking her is never a problem. She certainly walks around the offices and warehouse like she owns the place!

Asia | Meet the Team | Also Home
Always partial for a treat from delivery drivers and always willing to give a wagging tail welcome.

She is a wonderful means to relieve stress with such a jolly and warm nature. She is definitely part of the team.

With thanks to Jon Reid from for his creativity and the time given to this photo shoot.