Q&A With Plum and Ashby Owner Vicky White

Q&A With Plum and Ashby Owner Vicky White

It’s Q&A Time at ALSO Home

We are delighted to introduce a wonderful brand to you Plum and Ashby. We’ve had them on our radar for a while and met them recently at a Trade Fair and loved them even more. Their range perfectly complements our own, so it seems like a great brand to kick off this Q&A with. Relaxed, stylish and a brand that really knows what it’s about, we just had to share them with you.

We had the pleasure of asking owner Vicky, a few questions in our first Q&A on our blog.

So meet Vicky (and Bertie), Owner and Founder of Plum & Ashby.


Tell us a little about yourself and the Brand and what inspired you to start Plum and Ashby?
My name is Vicky and I’m 35. I live in a rural village in Bedfordshire with my husband and our fur baby, Bertie (the wire fox terrier)! I started Plum & Ashby 4 years ago and we sell a mixture of bath and body products and scented candles that are all hand made in the UK. As well as some lovely home accessories that compliment the collection and style of the brand.

The inspiration to start my own business was quite simple really… I desperately wanted a dog! All jokes aside, Bertie was the catalyst. I knew I wanted to change my lifestyle and he became my excuse.

So, after almost 10 years working as the Head of Marketing at Jaeger in London, it was time for a change! Originally, I was going to open a shop in my local town. So I set about trying to source product and started to visit all the major trade shows. But I could not find a thing to buy. Everything seemed really similar and it suddenly occurred to me, if I can’t find things to buy, other people must have the same problem. So, Plum & Ashby was born!

Brown Candle

Describe your brand and style in 5 words.
Simple, considered, stylish, paired-back, elegant

Stripe&SpotWash Bag

Who inspires you?
I would say my inspirations come from wanting to have lovely things for my own home, rather than a specific person or thing. I often think, if I’m coveting something or looking to create a certain look in the home, other people will be too!


Where did the name P&A come from?
My full name is Victoria, so my nickname is Plum. My older Brother did create a rather rude song about my nickname and all I’ll say is, brothers can be such horrors!
I grew up in a little village in Northamptonshire, very close to a place called Castle Ashby. The lovely walled gardens hold very special memories for me. I spent many a summers afternoon playing with my sister there!

Travel Candle

What is your favourite product in your collection?
It has to be our Seaweed & Samphire Wash – it makes me want to smell my hands all the time! It’s light, lingering and ideal for everyday.

Tap Running

Seaweed & Samphire Hand & Body Wash

Which country would you most like to travel to?
I went to Sri Lanka for my honeymoon last year and loved it, so I’m really keen to explore India and that part of the world.

As a small business ourselves, we understand the struggles and obstacles that one has to overcome day to day, but what has been your proudest moment with Plum & Ashby?
I can’t pinpoint one exact moment where I’ve felt the proudest of what we’ve achieved. It would have to be little victories that have happened to us over the years, like reaching 10k followers on Instagram, having over 100 stockists in the UK and getting press in national newspapers and magazines. It’s little achievements like this that help us see that we are moving in the right direction and growing!

Q&A Plum and Ashby      

What would be your one top tip for adding finishing touches to your home?
Having a good quality wash and lotion in either the kitchen or bathroom. It’s those small finishing touches that really make a house a home. I also think simple, well made home accessories are important which is why I love ALSO Home. The cotton towel collection is really great, along with all the linen table linen in gorgeous colours. Our collection sits so well alongside ALSO Home’s. 

Seaweed & Samp

Bath & Body

Thanks P&A and Vicky for allowing us to share your lovely brand and for taking the time to answer our questions.

We hope you love this brand as much as we do.

Anna x