Sell Out Success – The Kibo Furniture

Last month we had something quite extraordinary happen at ALSO Home – we had a sell out!

Our Kibo furniture collection celebrates conscious buying and crafted design and it seems that along with the press, and wholesale customers, you couldn’t get enough of it – it became an instant sell out!

What’s even crazier is that it had sold out before it ever arrived in our warehouse!

Being our first venture into furniture, we were cautious – what if no one liked it? What if it broke in transit? We had never designed furniture before.

The collection was previewed back in September last year to buyers and they liked it – but our sampling process took time. We wanted to make sure we got it right as furniture isn’t something we have done before. It needed to look good, but also be practical, well made and durable. The mango wood was sustainably sourced before being hand carved by skilled artisans. The bench, small stool and tall stool and were designed by our team at ALSO Home and created exclusively for us, meaning you couldn’t buy them ‘off the shelf’ as we say.

The furniture takes a pared back form, a modern clean cut wood shape juxtaposed with the woven natural cotton rope seat base – perfectly merging both the modern and natural traditional styling, something that we pride ourselves on doing each season across the collection.

The press picked up on the Kibo benches, immediately getting more attention than anything we’ve had before. Elle Deco even chose to feature them (our first ever piece in Elle Deco!). We put pre-orders up on our site and that was it, they started selling. Every day more and more until they become an official sell out. The short stools followed suit a week later, selling on pre-orders until there was nothing left.

But fear not, if you’re in love (and we certainly are) with the furniture it’s on its way back in again, and we still have a handful of the tall bar stools. We have set up a ‘notify me when back in stock’ button on the sold-out product pages so that you are the first to hear when these beauties are back in stock.

But a warning for you, they will sell out very quickly again so act fast!

Shop the Kibo Furniture here.