The Story Behind our Bestseller Andas.

We introduced our 100% cotton, soft washed Andas Throw and Cushion into our collection in Spring 2018. Almost 3 years later, we could not have anticipated how loved it would be by our customers! We wanted to share with you, the story behind it and why we still love it so much!

During a sourcing trip to India, Anna had wanted to design and source a lovely natural cotton throw and cushion into the collection. She finds inspiration from many things, but often our products start life from something she might see in the showroom or factory of one of our wonderful suppliers.

India Sourcing ALSO Home

She had been keeping an eye out for the right product or design but had not quite managed to find it. 

During a factory tour, she was shown a fabulous sampling room full of yarns, fabrics and old wooden looms.

India Sourcing ALSO Home 

As she spent time photographing, chatting and exploring the room, she came across a scrap of fabric in the corner of the weave room. She picked it up and discovered a perfectly soft, battered and beaten sample fabric. It had probably been lying there, discarded for a couple of years and so it was soft from being handled and moved and from age. 

ALSO Home Andas

The fabric piece was a sampler that had various weave designs and patterns on it, but one particular section caught her eye. A simple diamond weave in natural cotton and a black stripe.

She discussed the design with the workers and her supplier at length and decided on the design of a cushion and throw. One of the elements she loved was the super soft feel of the throw and cushions from years of handling. The factory set about replicating this supersoft finish with various washes in the finishing process of the cushion and throw.

Andas Cushion ALSO Home

And so our Andas cushion and throw was born.

India Sourcing ALSO Home

Watch our video below and hear Anna telling the story of Andas and see the cushion and throw in more detail.