The Scandinavian way to create a Cosy Home

Why we still love a cosy Home and how the Scandinavians do it so effortlessly.


A few year's ago the buzz word ‘Hygge’ pronounced hoo-gah was everywhere. It was the main focus in everyone’s Winter and Christmas celebrations and promotions. Us included. However, even though it’s not so much of the hot topic this year, it’s essence is still around and we still love a cosy Hygge Home. We might not be talking all things Hygge to quite the same extent this year, but our collection is still inspired by Scandinavia and how they create a cosy home.

Anna our Owner and Founder studied and trained as a Textile Designer and spent 3 months living in Norway as part of her Degree. During that time the way the Norwegians live and the little touches they bring to their homes left a lasting impression on her and how she continues to create a cosy Hygge home. This way of life has also influenced how she designs and creates every product in the Also Home collection. There are three things that she noticed during her time in Norway that she has always had in her Hygge home.


Whether they are the fragrant kind, a simple cream candle in a beautiful candle holder or even a tealight, when you get in from a busy day, or during a cosy afternoon at home, light candles. The Scandinavians always light candles, and not just one or two, but many throughout their homes every day. Light them at the dinner table, light them in your hallway with a beautiful welcoming fragrance and light them in your living room as you cosy up during the evening.


Cosy Throws

Always have a snuggly blanket or a cosy throw to hand during the colder afternoons and evenings. Pile them up next to your sofa’s and chairs so they are within easy reach when you feel the chill. Fold them into beautiful baskets as a stylish way to store them. Fold a bedspread or throw at the bottom of the bed too so you can pull it over you in the middle of the night.



Another detail that the Norwegians add in their homes, are napkins. They are always folded and piled on the table, or in the kitchen to be within easy reach. From beautiful 100% Linen napkins to decorative paper ones, they are stored in a simple napkin holder.

100% Linen Napkins