Using the colour green in your home

There are some colours that go in and out of fashion and others that never go out of style; throughout decades of changing trends green has always been a timeless addition to the home. The antidote to ever technology-based lives, green is a colour born from nature, and with its versatility and variety of shades, using it to bring a bit of calm to our homes is more popular than ever.


What does the colour green do for us?

For many, green is the colour of nature, evoking a sense of the outdoors and open spaces and bringing with it a sense of calm and connection. According to colour psychologists, the main positive properties that green communicates are peace, balance and harmony. Whether it’s a whole room or subtle pops of colour, using green around the home has the power to rejuvenate and restore as well as give you and your family a feeling of safety and security.

Devol Shaker Kitchen in Green

How to use green in your home 

It is always best to use colour with purpose. Consider the atmosphere you’re looking to create, decide what colour green is right for the space, think about combinations, proportions and placement for all the colours being used. If you’re unsure, go with what you love. You will be surrounded by that colour for a long time, so you want to make sure it resonates with your personality and taste or you may find that it drains you.

Dezaart Pendant Lamp

What colours are best to combine with green?

The same principles you used to choose the tone, proportion and placement of green in your home should be applied to selecting the other colours to compliment it. Remember that each tone of colour has its own set of psychological properties which can change depending on what other colours they are teamed up with. Why not go for classic combinations rooted in nature such as blue, white, neutrals and even pinks, or try bolder tones such as orange or purple.

And, don’t forget that textures and materials choices are often as important as the colours you pick. We particularly love combining natural and rustic textures with green.

Pink Sofa and Green wall.

Where in the house should you use green?

Green is one of the most versatile colours to use around the house and can work in any room. A good place to start when thinking about where to use green in your home is to consider how much light comes into the space, green can bring freshness when used with plenty of natural life or warmth when used in darker spaces.

For example, create a relaxing healing energy in a bedroom with soft muted greens, experiment with making a statement in your hallway or downstairs bathroom with emerald hues or create a safe and secure reading nook with warm, earthy tones.

Other ways to use green around the home

One of the best things about green is that you don’t need to paint a whole room or make drastic decisions about furniture for it to have an impact. There are a few smaller, simpler ways to introduce notes of green into the home and enjoy its healing benefits. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Botanicals - perhaps the most obvious one is to add plants into the room. Plants can bring positive life energy and can encourage us to reconnect to nature which is especially important for those living in cities. Opt for succulents, cacti or even botanical paintings if you’re worried about the upkeep.


  • Soft furnishings - a simple way to get your head around which tones work best for you is to try them out in soft furnishings first. Get your hands on different scatter cushions, experiment with linens or keep it simple and switch out your placemats for new ones.

 Unari & Misi 100% Cotton Velvet Cushions Parrot Green

  • Crockery - to subtly add green into the kitchen and dining space, give green crockery a go. You can try a few serving dishes or green glasses if you’re not quite ready to commit to the whole set, and they get tucked away in a cupboard if you feel like setting a different mood on any given

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  • Furniture - if you’re looking at an old bookshelf or tired set of drawers and you’re not sure what to do with it, why not give it a lick of green paint and bring it back to life. You’ve upcycled a piece of old furniture and added a bit of colour to your life.