Top tips to add a touch of love into your home!

Top tips to add a touch of love into your home!

With Valentines day this week and everyone thinking about all things love, here are some top tips to add a touch of love into your home. Valentines day isn’t everyone’s favourite time of  year, but anyone can benefit from a touch of love, even if it is just in our homes. With Hygge at the forefront of everyone’s minds still, creating a feeling of cosiness is the ideal way to create love in your home. And don’t forget, adding a touch of love into your home can be as much for you, as for anyone else living in or visiting your home. Here are some top tips:

Create Hygge moments.

Light candles and create soft lighting. Turn off the bright main lights in your room and just use low lighting, side, lamps or floor lamps. This creates a much softer and more loving feeling in your home.

AH Love Candles 2

Scandinavian style layering and texture.

Add texture and cosiness wherever possible in your home. Use fur throws, velvet cushions, knitted throws and woollen blankets in your living room, your children’s rooms and at the bottom of your bed. Nothing says ‘love’ more than reaching for a blanket on a cold evening and wrapping yourself, a child or a loved one up for that ‘Hygge’ feeling.

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Create a home with meaning.

Frame photos of friends and family and place them around your home.

AH Love photos

Inspirational Prints and cushions.

Choose prints with encouraging or inspirational quotes, frame them and display them in key places around your home. Everyone needs words of truth spoken to remind them how loved they are, even if it is just us telling ourselves.

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A cosy and loving home.

Add a beating heart into your home such as a cat or a dog, or borrow a friends for the weekend. Nothing adds a touch of love into your home more than a wagging tail!

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 19.27.20

Beautiful bed linen.

Make your bed. Adding a touch of love into your home is also about loving yourself in your home. It’s so much nicer and more restful to get into a beautifully made bed made with beautiful cotton or linen bedding at the end of a tiring day.

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Add rugs under foot by your bed and in your living room.

AH Love rugs

Create a thoughtful home.

Have a pair of slippers ready for you by your front door in a rustic basket. This creates a feeling of cosiness and love in your home. You could even have slippers ready for guests if they want them so they also know the feeling of being taken care of, being at home and a feeling of love in your home.

AH Love slippers

Ruffle pillows.

Add some delicate touches in your bedroom or living room. Nothing adds a touch of love into your home more than a ruffle on a pillow. And it’s doesn’t just have to be feminine. Choose a neutral grey or fun pop of colour.

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Have a happy Valentines day and enjoy adding a touch of love into your home this week.

Anna x