A reclaimed wooden tray & how to style it in your home

A reclaimed wooden tray & how to style it in your home.

We have always loved trays at Also Home and have found that our customers love them too. We have quite a few different types of trays in our range from chic glossy black and white lacquer trays, elegantly rustic pressed bamboo round trays and our reclaimed wooden trays. We wanted to share some ideas about how to use a reclaimed wooden tray around your home to help you get organised as we move into Spring. We all love a Spring re-fresh and after the cold start to this year, if you’re anything like us, you are ready for a good Spring clean.

Knowing Spring is around the corner, we have added some new whitewashed wooden trays to our range based on our very popular trug. Made from reclaimed wood which is whitewashed by hand in the UK, these trays are elegant and stylish. Each tray is finished with a curved metal handle.

reclaimed wooden tray reclaimed wooden tray reclaimed wooden tray Whitewashed Reclaimed Wooden Large Trug Tray

Our herb trays in whitewashed reclaimed wood can be used throughout your home and are not just for herbs like the name suggests! Use them for serving condiments at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Use them in a bathroom for shampoo, soap and other lotions. Place them on a windowsill with herbs and use them to carry a cup of tea for you or when you have a catch up with a friend. They fit 2 mugs with room for a milk jug or sugar – perfect for a small get together. We even think they look lovely with a few spring flowers in pots such as primroses or daffodils.

Whitewashed Reclaimed Wooden Herb Tray 2 reclaimed wooden tray Also Home Condiment Wooden Tray

We love a good breakfast in bed on a quiet Saturday morning and feel this is one of the best ways to use a reclaimed wooden tray. With Valentines day and Mothers day coming up there are plenty of opportunities to show your loved one how much they mean to you. Breakfast in bed couldn’t say it better. With our love of all things Scandinavian, why not try a Scandi breakfast of coffee, orange juice and open sandwiches. A delicious breakfast of hard boiled eggs and chives or smoked salmon and dill on healthy rye bread. If you have a sweet tooth at breakfast time, then why not try some Scandinavian waffles and coffee with maple syrup and blueberries. We love the idea of turning the tray upside down so it can be used as a mini table in bed.

ALso Home Scandinavian breakfast Also Home Wooden Tray breakfast in bed 2 Also Home Wooden Tray coffee in bed

If you’re looking for ways to de-clutter and spring clean your home as Spring approaches, then a tray can be used in almost every room of the house to gather all your bits and pieces.

  1. Use a reclaimed wooden tray in the bathroom or dressing table to hold your perfume, lotions, cotton wool and a scented candle.
  2. Use a reclaimed wooden tray in your kitchen to gather all your chopping boards, salt, pepper, herbs and olive oil.
  3. Use a reclaimed wooden tray on your coffee table or ottoman to gather a few of your favourite scented candles, magazines and foliage.
  4. Use a reclaimed wooden tray to carry everything you need into the dining room for a family supper. Don’t forget the spring flowers.

reclaimed wooden tray reclaimed wooden tray reclaimed wooden tray reclaimed wooden tray

We would love to see some of the ways you use a tray in your home. Happy organising and Spring cleaning,

Anna x