ALSO Homes – Amanda Start – Creating hygge in your home

ALSO Homes – Amanda Start – Creating hygge in your home

Creating warmth, cosiness and a sense of hygge in your home is not just something to think of on the darkest winter days – after all we do live in the UK! Last Autumn our lovely friend Amanda over at The Online Stylist perfectly summed how to create a sense of warmth in your home without relying on just whacking up the heating!

The Danes created hygge because they were trying to survive those long cold and dark nights and the undefinable feeling of ‘hygge’ was a way for them to find moments to celebrate or acknowledge and to break up the day, months or years. With so many cold, dark, days, the simple act of a candle glowing with a cup of coffee in the morning or a home cooked evening meal with friends can make a huge difference to one’s spirit and should therefore be celebrated.

Amanda Start - Hygge


What is the cosiest room in your home?

Definitely the living room with the wood burner. Having this installed has made us all gravitate more to the sofa… which is no bad thing!

Log Baskets | Hygge Home

How do you keep yourself feeling warm? 

Blankets, cushions and cashmere socks are an absolute necessity as far as I’m concerned! In terms of feeling the warm and fuzzies, indulging in these things forms part of my #elevatetheeveryday mantra and I consider them all part of life’s simple pleasures.


What are you tips for staying warm during the cool seasons?

Always candle light in as many rooms as possible and embracing the Danish Hygge concept wholeheartedly. We’ve recently put a basket at the end of the sofa with all of our slippers in which is both useful for cosy toes and looks lovely too.


How would you describe your interiors style?
Mostly minimal and monochrome but I also love natural textures and the odd thing that might be considered a bit more eclectic. It currently feels like I’m still developing my interior style where we’re slowly re-vamping the rooms in our house, one at a time. I’m an interiors work in progress!


How does your home change seasonally?
In subtle, cost effective ways where possible!  Changing up cushions and rugs is really simple and so is bringing in seasonal flowers or foliage. Oh and home scents – I am obsessed with seasonal scents!

Hygge Home | Oslo Throw

Who or what is your inspiration? Do you have any places you return to for inspiration?

I love @meglcassidy and @countyroadliving on Instagram amongst many others. Also @mad_about_the_house. And when it comes to interior ideas, Pinterest is pure genius – I can spend hours on there!


Do you follow trends?
A little. I got sucked into copper and marble but not too much – only small touches. I think its important to remain more classical when investing in your home.



What are your 3 favourite ALSO home pieces and how would you style them?
I love the Stockholm Slate bedlinen only because our bedroom is the next room on the list for a revamp! I’d create a lovely layered bed with lots of cushions and pillows.
The Otta woven bamboo lantern would be gorgeous out on the deck in summer time and I have my eye on the Mango wood serving pieces as we’ve just finished the kitchen and I’m on the look out for some new bits and pieces to use for cooking and dining.