Travel with Anna – A Trip to Beijing

Travel with Anna – A Trip to Beijing

Travel With Anna: Episode 2 – A Trip to Beijing

Travel with Anna is our blog series which follows me and the team on our travels around the world looking for inspiration for new Also Home delights and designs. From Scandinavia to Japan and beyond, follow me on my journey. Stay up to date by following #TravelWithAnna on Instagram.

After our first ‘Travel with Anna’, earlier this month, I’ve been on another trip to Beijing, China sourcing fabrics, trims, and home accessories for Also Home and for our other customers.

China | Travel with Anna 3

First Stop: Beijing

This was supposed to be a touch down in Beijing with most of the day waiting in the airport before travelling on further East to Qingdao! I’ve grown fairly accustomed to spending time between flights in airports, but with a severe lack of quality access to wifi in China, I needed to use up some time. So I checked in my bags for the next flight and jumped on a bus for a quick explore. It was here that I stumbled across a market not far from the airport.

China | Travel with Anna 1

Second Stop: The Local Market

I find it fascinating how despite differences in cultures and food tastes, so much of our basic needs are the same. Food, family, community and friendship.

China | Travel with Anna 8

As I walked around this local market I could see so many parallels to one of our local supermarkets – bumping into friends, chatting to cashiers, choosing, buying, planning menu’s.

China | Travel with Anna 7 China | Travel with Anna 9

The food is often vastly different, but it can also be fairly similar. However, in China it seem’s a little more raw, real and fragrant!

China | Travel with Anna 5 China | Travel with Anna 11

China | Travel with Anna 2

Third Stop: Qingdao and an ancient food street

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve travelled to China, but I love how much there is to discover there.

China | Travel with Anna 17

Walking down an area I’ve driven through countless times, I discovered an ancient food street that I never knew was there.

China | Travel with Anna 18  China | Travel with Anna 15

The smells, sights and tastes were a cacophony to the senses – something that China never fails to deliver on. And something I’ve learnt to embrace and enjoy – well most of the time! I could just imagine some of these foods served on one of our new natural woven bamboo trays.

China | Travel with Anna 4

I discovered the best slow cooked sweet potatoes, tofu soup and exotic fruits.

China | Travel with Anna 13 China | Travel with Anna 12

Until next time,

Anna x