What is Hygge – 5 tips for a Hygge Christmas

What is Hygge – 5 tips for a Hygge Christmas.



A deep sense of well-being, friendship, contentment, happiness and warmth in a variety of situations. Being at peace with and cosy in your surroundings.


I’m sure I’m not alone in hearing the incredible amount of talk around all things ‘Hygge’
[Hoo-gah] at the moment. I’m not generally one to just jump on a band wagon, but the more I have been reading and learning, the more I have realised that ‘hygge’ is and always has been the way I love to do life. I had just never been able to put a name to it before.

One thing I have read a few times, is that as much as people are trying to explain the meaning of ‘Hygge’, it’s not really something you can explain. It is simply put ‘a feeling.’ I get that. I love to create a feeling in my home or around my dinner table. When I was 20, I spent 3 months in Norway as part of my textile Design degree. I loved Norway and have always had a kinship to Scandinavian design after being very influenced by my time living there. I didn’t realise it at the time, but looking back, they also live life the ‘Hygge’ way. All the research I have done on Hygge has been focused very much on Denmark, but I would imagine this is a way of life for Scandinavia in general. So below are a few of my thoughts on how to create a Hygge home this Christmas.

1. Surround yourself with friends, family and loved ones this Christmas. Whether it’s for a cosy evening in by the fire reading a book, playing a board game or watching a film, quality time is the essence of Hygge.

Also Home - Dining -hand painted ceramics Also Home Dining

2.When you get in from work, a walk, Christmas shopping or an adventure in the great outdoors, kick off your shoes, pop your slippers on and light some candles. Candles are another key favourite in creating a cosy and relaxing space in your home. It welcomes guests when they walk through the door, but most importantly they set a cosy and relaxing tone in your home.

Also Home - Christmas Hygge Also Home - Christmas Hygge - Light Candles Also Home - Hygge Christmas - Light Candles

3. If you’re having a dinner together as a family or with friends, make the effort with setting your table. Use a linen table cloth or napkins, set each place setting carefully and choose wholesome, nutritious food. Take your time to eat, talk and enjoy good wine together. I remember napkins in Norway were always ready at the side of the table, whether pretty coloured linen napkins or patterned paper napkins, they would always be folded in a napkin holder.

Also Home - Christmas Dining - Hand painted fine stripe plates Also Home - Christmas Dining - Hygge Also Home - Christmas Dining - Linen Napkins

4. Make hot warning drinks and wrap yourself up in a cosy knitted blanket or jumper in a quiet corner of your house and enjoy shutting out the busy-ness of your Christmas shopping.

Also Home - Christmas Hygge - GloggAlso Home - Hygge - cosy knits, a good book and a mug of glogg Also Home - Cosy knits, a mug of something warming - Hygge

5. Add cosy, textured cushions and throws onto your sofa and bed. There is nothing nicer than being able to layer up and stay warm. Shades of grey, white, and with a pop of festive teal or green are all perfect.

Also Home - Hygge Silver Grey Lisbon bedlinen, with Olso Grey throw and cushion, Olivia Grey 65x65cm Pillow, Lisbon Silver Grey and Slate grey cushion

And lastly, don’t forget to play music!

So much of Hygge is about creating beautiful memories, and there is nothing that music does better than remind you of people, places and events in your life. I also find that smell does the same thing, so light a scented candle, cook up some Glogg [mulled wine to us] and bake an almond or cinnamon cake.

Have a Hyggelig Christmas,

Love Anna x

(Owner and Founder ALSO Home)