How to create a cosy living room.

We’re all about getting cosy this Autumn. Creating a space to curl up with a good book, your favourite film or just somewhere to kick off your shoes, hunker down under a blanket and make the world go away. Maybe even somewhere to take a nap?

Every home should have a space like that, but not everyone has the luxury of a box room that can be converted into a cocooning den. The next best thing? Transforming an unused alcove, corner or awkward nook in your living room into a cosy corner by incorporating some snug-factor essentials. Warm colours, log burners, chunky rugs, mood lighting and soft seating – one or two or even all of the above will go a long way to setting the mood. Accessories with blankets and soft cushions and it will become a spot you won’t want to leave.

Snuggle up and enjoy our pick of four stylish ways to hunker down.


Vara Mango Wood Lamps

With fewer daylight hours in winter, it’s important to ensure your living room is well lit. Aim for soft background lighting, rather than overhead. Table lamps can create a warm glow, with candlelight creating a really cosy atmosphere.

Candlelight and cosy corners 


For a quick update, adding a variety of textures is the most straightforward way to up your living room’s cosy factor. Go for a mix of throws and cushions in faux-sheepskin, velvet and knits for the ultimate in cosiness. The key is in the layering.

 Cosy knits for Autumn


Layers and textures give your living space depth and warmth. Rugs are an easy way to achieve this, especially if you have tile or hardwood floors. A textured rug keeps you cosy underfoot.

 Textured rug


Baskets become an essential part of creating a cosy room. Whether it’s piling throws and blankets in them, or indeed using them to keep kindling in – using a large basket makes that cosy pile, part of the room décor.


Are you planning on creating a cosy spot in your home this season? What are your fail-safe tricks?