How to create instant impact

How to create instant impact

We often get asked by clients here at Also Home, how to create the perfect balance of calming neutrals but with added impact. The key to creating impact with your interiors is by being a little daring. We aren’t suggesting acid yellow walls with fuchsia pink accents but if you bring in strong complementary colours on accessories and trimmings it can give a level of unity and polish to your interiors.


Within the world of interiors it is all about balance – nothing has much value on its own until it is thoughtfully and carefully placed with an array of other pieces to fill a room. Accent colours play a huge part in achieving that level of harmony, adding small but punchy doses of colours that draw the eye, add interest- tying everything together.

Our guilty pleasure here at Also Home is a bright pop of colour against a neutral backdrop. We can’t get enough chartreuse or lime this season and love seeing a flash of bright amongst our sea of naturals, neutrals, greys and whites.

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Cushions can transform a room and mixing new colours into your rooms can completely transform the look. The beauty of these little adjustments means you can do it again and again without breaking the bank. When we put together a collection or style our interior shoots, we love to be able to play around with the colours, sizes and textures of our cushion collections to create something special that we hope you will love! 

Also Home styling tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to add colour
  • Play with different textures
  • Mix up sizes
  • Identify a colour palette and stick to it

Although there are a myriad of decorating styles and techniques, when it comes to colour choice and interior design, there are no hard and fast rules, it’s about what you feel comfortable with, and your vision for your home.

Enjoy it!