Travel with Anna – Four Trays of the World

Travel with Anna – Four Trays of the World

Travel With Anna: Episode 1 – Four Trays of the World 

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Travel with Anna is our new blog series which follows me and the team on our travels around the world looking for inspiration for new Also Home delights and designs. From Scandinavia to Japan and beyond, follow me on my journey.  Stay up to date by following #TravelWithAnna on Instagram.

In our first ‘Travel with Anna’, I’ve been exploring trays. A staple in our homes and used for anything and everything from serving breakfast in bed to canapes in the garden.        

First Stop: Japan

Japanese trays

It’s been a long flight and I can feel my stomach start to rumble. Dropping my bags at the hotel, I follow my nose and find myself sitting at a bar with a glass of Sake and a huge bowl of Ramen, served on an ‘Obon’.

Japanese Trays Japanese Trays

Japanese Trays Japanese Trays

A black lacquer tray complete with chopsticks, condiments and a complimentary portion of vegetable tempura.


Black Lacquer Tray £36 – shop now

The tray is all part of the dining experience in Japan, some are used in cooking and some adorned with traditional Japanese flourishes.

Japanese Trays

Travelling West: Sweden

After a week in Japan, I’m feeling a little tired. I order room service upon my arrival in Sweden.

Photo 24-02-2017, 11 28 23

My hotel room is dressed in natural linens, soft pillows and my duvet is wrapped around me.

Scandinavian hotel - linen bedding

Silver Grey soft washed 100% Linen bedding from £52 for a pillowcase pair – Shop now

Feeling refreshed I decide to have a wander around the city. The aroma hits me at first, I am presented with delicious warm waffles stacked against a natural backdrop in a local rustic cafe. I can’t resist stopping for a ‘fika’ – coffee and sweet treats.

Swedish Trays

I adore the Seagrass tray the waffles are served on, woven together in a wicker style, creating the perfect addition to my Scandi start. Refuelled I’m ready to explore some more.

seagrass-trays Swedish-trays

Whitewashed Seagrass Tray £40 – Shop Now

Visiting the Coast: Norway


It’s icy cold at my next destination. I’m in Hamnøy, the oldest fishing village in Lofoten, Norway.


I put on my parka coat and head out, stumbling across a fisherman’s hut near the water.


I notice the piles of fresh fish stacked in wooden crates – cod, herring, ling and cusk. Nearby I spot his brightly coloured wooden boat,  a good morning out at sea it would seem. I picture myself sitting, wrapped up on a pebbly beach at home, serving hot chocolates from a wooden tray just like this.

trays-reclaimed-wooden Scandinavian-trays

Home Ground: Cornwall

Sometimes, there is no place like home. My home from home is in beautiful Cornwall.

trays trays

An afternoon in the garden, enjoying a cream tea with old friends, served on a whitewashed wooden trug tray. I think about dressing my own with spring daffodils, or perhaps a storage solution for my growing herb garden.


Whitewashed Trug Tray £52  – Shop Now

My travels often bring me nuggets of inspiration and I hope that my ’ Travels with Anna’ series will help you imagine the true origin of some of our products and the magical stories behind them.

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Anna x